Going through shit? Need a fucking cheerleader in your life?
I get it. I’ve been through it…and then some. (Have you checked out my book yet?) The good news is that you are not alone. Yay!!! The other good news is that nothing changes, if nothing changes. So stop and ask yourself…”is today the day I am going to stop bitching about it and do something to change it?”

If the answer is “fuck yeah!” hit me up for a complimentary online, 15 minute intro session to get a better understanding about what this shit is about.

What you’ll get:
Support, support and more support in the form of phone calls, texts, games to get you out of your head, homework to help you work through your shit, and if in person, activities that will more than likely involve alcohol and/or weed (if that’s your thing) and chowing down. Lots of it.

In person:
$125 hour*

Online: (Skype or Facetime)
$25 30 minutes
$50  60 minutes

*monthly packages available.

If the answer is “ummmmm”… I get it. You aren’t ready. All good. But in the meantime, check out the book and the “Unfucking Yourself” program. Both are free*. Both are a fucking fabulous place to start. 😉